Family Based

Through U.S Citizen Family Member

You may be eligible to get your permanent residency (green card) if you have a relative who is a U.S citizen.  Getting immigration through a U.S citizen relative is a multi step process where the first step is  for the Citizen to file an Immediate Relative petition. Once the Petition gets approved application for the green card is filed. Depending whether the intending immigrant is in U.S. or outside the green card application is filed either in United States or consular processing is followed.

A U.S citizen sponsor/petitioner can file for the following family members:

  1. Husband or Wife.
  2. Unmarried child under 21.
  3. Parents
  4. Married Son or Daughter  of any age.
  5. Siblings

The first three above  (a,b,c)  are classified as immediate relatives and as such do not have to wait for a visa number. Once the immediate relative petition is filed the visa number becomes immediately available. If the immediate relative intending to immigrate is already in U.S in a valid non immigrant status, filing for residency may become a one step process. On the other hand if the intending immigrant is outside United States the process can be divided into three steps including filing the immediate relative petition, immigrant visa processing through National Visa Center, and finally the interview at the U.S consulate.

The last two above (d & e) are not considered immediate relatives and fall under third and forth preference respectively. After the approval of initial petition, these preference categories have wait for their priority date to become current in order to proceed  with their green card.

Our Attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving adjustment of status/consular processing through a U.S citizen family member. For specific case analysis please contact our office.

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