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FAQ about Immigration service
Does the O-1 visa holder need to go through the regular PERM process in order to initiate green card
No. O-1 visa holders fall in EB-1 category and are not required to go through the PERM process.
Can O-1 Visa holder apply for adjustment of status (green card)?
Yes O-1 visa holder is permitted to file adjustment of status.
Can O-1 visa holder also study in U.S?
Yes, the O-1 Visa holder are permitted to undertake part time studying in U.S
Are the dependents of O-1 visa holders permitted to work?
No. The dependents of O-1 visa holder (O-3) are not allowed to work.
Is it true that O-1 visa requires employer sponsorship?
Yes, O-1 visa Petition must be filed by an employer.
How long can a person hold O-1 status?
The initial O-1 petition is generally granted for 3 years. Extensions may be obtained for additional period in one year increment. USCIS does not provide maximum period of stay on O-1, however, a long term O-1 holder may face difficulties eventually unless s/he pursues adjustment of status.
Is there premium processing available for E-3?
Not as yet.
Is it true that E-3 can be applied only at a consular post?
Not any more, if you are in U.S you can file for change of status into E-3.
Can E-3 be filed for any type of job?
No. Just like H-1B the job needs to be a specialty occupation.
Is there a quota for E-3 visas
Yes there is a quota of 10000 visas each year.