• 19 May

    The Department of State is processing visas more efficiently than ever while upholding our national security responsibilities.  We are continuously reducing the time required for “administrative processing,” a range of various additional steps that must be taken before a consular officer can complete a visa application, which can include additional national security vetting.   

    We have recently adopted new technology and enhanced coordination to reduce the number of visa applications that require administrative processing on security grounds, while upholding strict national security protections.  The Department of State coordinates with federal government partners through the National Vetting Center, which has dramatically reduced the number of visa applicants who wait for administrative processing. Since October 2022, most cases that would have previously required additional administrative processing were resolved immediately without additional, time-consuming handling.

    National security is our top priority.  Before issuing any visa, we ensure that every prospective traveler is subject to extensive security screening.  Now, we can do this in a much more streamlined manner.

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