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  • 05 Jan

    If you are a Diversity Visa (DV) selectee for the 2022 DV program year with a case assigned to U.S. Embassy Kabul or Baghdad, you should request reassignment of your DV case to another embassy or consulate that processes immigrant visa applications.  Visit to check if an embassy or consulate processes immigrant visas.  Please be aware that you must be physically present in the consular district where the embassy or consulate is located at the time of interview and have permission to remain in country by the host government for a period sufficient to complete making and processing of the visa application. 

    To request reassignment, please send an e-mail to KCC at with the subject line “Kabul/Baghdad Reassignment Request.”  Your email should include the following information:  (1)  full name, (2)  date of birth, (3) case number, and (4) the name of the embassy or consulate where you would like your case to be reassigned.  After KCC reviews your request, you will receive an email confirmation that your reassignment request was successful or, alternatively, requesting more information.  All emails will be reviewed in the order they are received.  

    Please note that reassignment of your case to another embassy or consulate does not mean that it will be automatically scheduled for an immigrant visa interview.  Your interview will be scheduled after your DS-260 immigrant visa application has been fully processed, when your case number is current according to the Visa Bulletin, and when the reassigned embassy or consulate has an interview appointment available.  We will continue to schedule DV interviews according to the order of the case numbers, as required by law, subject to any limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and country conditions.  If your case has been scheduled for an interview, you will receive a notification by email to check the Entrant Status Check site.  Please be sure to check that site to confirm if your appointment has been scheduled and to verify appointment details.

    If you need more information or have any questions call 407-226-3659 to schedule a free consultation at our Orlando or Tampa office.