H2B visa is for those people who wish to work on a temporary basis in the USA. In case, you are looking to travel to the United states and want to apply for jobs such as theme parks, hospitality, cruise ship, restaurant and even as a ski instructor, then the H2B visa is simply perfect for you.

The Process and Requirements

  1. The employee needs to have a job offer from a US employer to perform a temporary job. (H1 base can help you in this regard.
  2. The employee needs to meet the minimum qualifications for the job which the employer is offering.
  3. The employer files the H2B app with the Bureau of US Immigration.
  4. The employee has to return to home immediately in case of job termination.

Qualification for the H2B Visa

H2B Visa is available to the employers of foreign non-professional who do not work in the agricultural field. The visa, however, is only available for work which is temporary and not permanent.

The H2B Visa Duration:

The H2B visa duration is limited to the employer’s need for the temporary workers. The maximum authorized period is 1 year. The employer extends the duration up to the 3 years in a few situations.

In case the prospective worker is outside the USA, they need to apply for a visa with the US consulate.

The application of the H2B visa includes the following details:

  • Job offers from the US employer
  • DS-156, app for the nonimmigrant Visa
  • DS-157, if the male is between the ages of 16 and 45
  • The required filing fees
  • Notice of Approval of H-2B petition
  • Passport
  • One passport sized picture
  • Evidence to the home country ties (family, current occupation, property, etc.). Just like the other nonimmigrant visa, the consulate wants to see that every applicant has got ties to the country so that she or he can return home after the end of their work period.

If the particular worker is in the USA already, and is changing from a nonimmigrant status to another, then the visa is not required. But, if the worker leaves the US and is looking to re-enter, then they require a visa.

Entry into the USA

The applicants need to be aware of the fact that a visa doesn’t guarantee an entry onto the soil of the United States. The officer standing at the entry port has the authority for denying admission in case the applicant has got a visa. The officer also has the authority to determine the period for which the bearer of a temporary work visa is authorized to reside in the US. At the entry port, officials issue Form I-94, Record of Arrival, Departure, noticing the duration of the stay permitted. The decision to deny or grant a request for extension of stay, however, is made particularly by the USCIS.