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E-3 is an employment visa specifically created for the Australian citizens. Previously the Australian nationals had to go out of the United States in order to apply for E-3 visa through the U.S consulate. Now, however, if an Australian citizen is in United States in another non immigrant category, the applicant can file for E-3 visa by filing a Petition requesting a change of status to E-3.

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FAQ about E-3
Is there a quota for E-3 visas
Answer: Yes there is a quota of 10000 visas each year.
Can E-3 be filed for any type of job?
Answer: No. Just like H-1B the job needs to be a specialty occupation.
Is it true that E-3 can be applied only at a consular post?
Answer: Not any more, if you are in U.S you can file for change of status into E-3.
Is there premium processing available for E-3?
Answer: Not as yet.